Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Billy Connolly Prostate Cancer

Comedian and actor Billy Connolly has undergone surgery for prostate cancer, his rep revealed to the BBC.

Connolly, 70, had "minor surgery" after being diagnosed "with the very early stages of prostate cancer."

The rep added: "In addition, Billy has been assessed as having the initial symptoms of Parkinson's disease, for which he is receiving the appropriate treatment."

Connolly admitted earlier this year that he had started to forget his lines during performances. Opening up about it, he was quoted as saying: "This is f*****g terrifying. I feel like I'm going out of my mind."

In an interview with the BBC earlier this year, Connolly claimed he wanted to stay young at heart: "Stay young. Me? I'm 37! I haven't changed my attitude to things since I was 37."

Connolly, who portrays a dwarf warrior in "The Hobbit" film series, vows to keep working despite his illness. According to the report, he will begin filming a TV series in the near future, as well as undertake an extensive theatrical tour of New Zealand next year.

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