Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gavin Paslow Extreme Transformation Into Satan

British security guard Gavin Paslow, widely known as "The Devil Man", has taken his body modification to the extreme in order to look like Lucifer.  

Paslow, now 43, spent £3,552 to give himself fangs, a forked tongue and horns to look like Satan.

Paslow has changed his name to Diablo Delenfer, or devil from the inferno on Halloween in 2008 - the Pagan new year.

The transformation began when Paslow, who is a divorced father of two, had two weird domed implants made from hard Teflon implanted on either side of his forehead. The £200-a-piece operations, carried out by a specialist in Manchester, were performed without anesthetic in early 2008 and took a total of five hours. 

The same plastic surgeon carried out a further operation, also without anesthetic, to "fork" his tongue - which involved slicing it down the middle with a scalpel. He later had a final procedure to make his ears pointed at the tips. The fangs were achieved by grinding down his canine teeth and attaching £560 permanent ceramic crowns to each one. 

He also has 29 tattoos covering most of his upper body. To finish off his satanic appearance, Paslow wears green lizard-style contact lenses and, on special occasions, a long undertakers' tail coat matched with a extravagant shirt.

It is obvious that he is not over yet as he revealed to the The Sun in 2011 that his body is a work in progress and that he is not demonic but rather addicted to body modification. "I've always been a goth, and I love heavy metal music," Paslow admitted.

"This is the ultimate way to express myself. People seem to love it, my looks are a real ice-breaker," he continued. 

"I usually grow a pointy goatee beard, which I think fits my look. And I plan to have a lot more surgical work done," he confessed.  

"It will a long process, and I haven't really decided what to have done next, but it will possibly be further implants in my scalp to  give the look of long horns going over my head," Paslow claimed, adding: "What I really want is a tail."

What do you think of Gavin Paslow's extreme transformation into Satan?

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