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Joan Collins Dating

Joan Collins is an English actress, author and columnist, best known for her role as Alexis Carrington Colby in the 1980s television soap opera "Dynasty". Wanna know who dated Joan? Let us examine Joan Collins' dating history below...  

unknown date
Joan Collins dated Robert Evans.

unknown date
Joan Collins dated Ryan O'Neal.

unknown date
Joan Collins dated Conrad Hilton.

unknown date
Joan Collins was rumored to be dating Michael Winner.

unknown date
Joan Collins dated Morgan Mason.

unknown date
Joan Collins dated Robin Hurlstone. 

unknown date
Joan Collins dated Terence Stamp.

unknown date
Joan Collins dated Gardner McKay.

unknown date
Joan Collins dated James Hanson.

October 1949 - 1950
Joan Collins dated Larry Hagman. At the age of 16, Joan was courted by 19-year-old Larry Hagman.

1951 - 1954
Joan Collins dated Irish actor Maxwell Reed. The two tied the knot in 1952. Collins divorced him in 1956 after, Collins revealed, he attempted to sell her to an Arab sheik for a one-night stand. 

1954 - 1955
Joan Collins dated Sydney Chaplin. 

Joan Collins dated Stephen Boyd.

1956 - 1957
Joan Collins dated Arthur M. Loew Jr.

Joan Collins dated Conrad Hilton Jr.

Joan Collins dated Robert Wagner.

April 1957
Joan Collins dated Harry Belafonte.

Joan Collins dated Rafael Trujillo.

Joan Collins dated Jeffrey Hunter.

1958 - 1959
Joan Collins dated George Englund. Collins had a romance with the then married Englund right before she abandoned him for Warren Beatty.

June 1958
Joan Collins dated Paul Newman.

Joan Collins dated Marlon Brando.

August 1959 - July 1961    
Joan Collins dated Warren Beatty.

1962 - 1970    
Joan Collins dated Anthony Newley. The two wed in 1963. The couple had a daughter Tara Cynara Newley and a son Alexander Anthony "Sacha" Newley together before their divorce in 1970.

Joan Collins dated William Shatner.

1971 - 1983
Joan Collins dated Apple Records president during the reign of the Beatles Ronald S. Kass. The pair got married in 1972 and had a daughter together Katyana Kennedy Kass. Their marriage lasted 11 years. They remained very close until his death from cancer in 1986.

Joan Collins dated Mick Flick. Andy Warhol reveals in his diary in May 1984 that Joan Collins is having a fling with Mick Flick and claims: "I guess that's how these girls get their baubles - as thank yous after a big night."

1984 - August 1987
Joan Collins dated Swedish pop singer Peter Holm. At the height of Dynasty's popularity on 3 November 1985, Collins tied the knot with Holm in a ceremony in Las Vegas. They were divorced on 25 August 1987,with the lengthy divorce proceedings garnering significant media attention, prompting Collins to reveal: "I don't need a husband, I need a wife" and that Holm was "a bit of a loser", with Collins successfully enforcing her prenuptial agreement.

Joan Collins dated George Hamilton.

January 1987
Joan Collins dated Bill Wiggins.

Joan Collins dated Tim.

2000 - Present
Joan Collins is dating theater company manager Percy Gibson. The two wed on 17 February 2002 at Claridge's Hotel in London. Gibson is 32 years her junior. The pair renewed their vows in 2009. 


By her daughter Tara Newley, Collins has two grandchildren and by her son Sacha Newley has a further grandchild.

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