Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cher Blasts Thanksgiving

Cher doesn't like Thanksgiving.

Cher, 67, caused controversy on Wednesday when she opposed to the holiday on twitter.

It all began with an expression of gratitude.

Cher wrote: "2 My Crew…I Hope a Glorious day 4 ALL OF U Remember…A Kind Word, Gesture, Or Compliment can make ANY1's DAY! THANX4BeingThere4Me."

A fan then tweeted: "@Cher you don't celebrate the holiday I thought? Or was that something I was just told?"

Cher replied: "I DON'T ! 4 me & my Family,it's a day,When every1 is free 4Diner & a movie,Not 2 celebrate the beginning of a GREAT Crime."

Asked to elaborate on the "crime," Cher shared: "Stealing Land,from a ppl,Who believed,Owning LAND Was LIke Owning SKY! We gave them Blankets laced w/Smallpox."

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