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Helen Mirren Dating

Helen Mirren is an English actor, best known for portraying three British queens in different movies and television series: Elizabeth I in the television series "Elizabeth I", for which she received Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress, Elizabeth II in "The Queen", which won her the Academy and BAFTA Award for Best Actress and Queen Charlotte in "The Madness of King George". Wanna know who dated Helen? Let us examine Helen Mirren's dating history below...  

unknown date
Helen Mirren dated Peter O'Toole.

1980 - 1985    
Helen Mirren dated Liam Neeson. The two fell in love while filming "Excalibur" in 1980. The romance lasted 5 years before they went their separate ways and moved on. "We loved each other. It was difficult to let go," Mirren was quoted as saying. Interviewed by James Lipton for Inside the Actors Studio, Neeson claimed Mirren was instrumental in his getting an agent.

1986 - Present
Helen Mirren is dating American director Taylor Hackford. The couple met when he was directing her in "White Nights" although their first meeting did not go well. Hackford kept her waiting to audition for "White Nights" and Mirren was icy. "It was a strange way to meet Helen, because she is a lovely person," Hackford claimed. They tied the knot on 31 December 1997, his 53rd birthday. The ceremony occurred at the Ardersier Parish Church near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. It is Mirren's first marriage, and Hackford's third (he has two children from his previous marriages). Mirren has no kids and reveals she has "no maternal instinct whatsoever."    
What do you think of Helen Mirren's dating history?

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