Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lara Pulver Quotes

1. From a very young age, music was very much in my house. I would sit with my mom, with the old LPs, listening to The Beatles and Carly Simon and Lionel Richie. The old LPs used to have the lyrics. From there, I would put on dance and music displays for my family, just to entertain them and make people laugh and smile.

2. (on "Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia) I take my clothes off for a minute and a half and everyone suddenly goes: "Oh great, she's an actress who will take her clothes off. We can't get Kate Winslet. Let's see if Lara Pulver will do a swinger movie."

3. Martin Freeman is a genius, he really is. He gives you every color of the rainbow in every take and it's wonderful just to play off of him and opposite him.

4. (on "Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia) It didn't bother me in the slightest and I'm someone who's never done that sort of thing before on stage or screen. It was just a device for her; it wasn't nudity for nudity's sake.

5. I love my job, and I'm a lucky girl. I thoroughly enjoy going to work.

6. (on "Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia) They give you a self-adhesive bra that sticks to you…(Director) Paul McGuigan very sweetly said to me: "OK, the choice is we spend hours shooting it to avoid seeing straps or we take all that off and shoot it quickly." I thought I couldn't put myself through being there all day, practically naked anyway, so I might as well get completely naked and get it done in a few hours.

7. I want to do a big Broadway musical, at some point. I would love to do that. To do something there would be super-cool.

8. I'd love to have my own TV show, in the way that Julianna Margulies has "The Good Wife," or a lovely ensemble show, like "Six Feet Under."

9. I like playing off strong actors, whether it's Benedict Cumberbatch or Dominic Cooper. Also I'm a hopeless romantic, so I'm fascinated by relationships.

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