Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lorde Slams David Guetta: "He's So Gross"

Lorde is rising to the top, but obviously she doesn't need David Guetta's assistance.

A new FasterLouder profile of Lorde, 16, features an amusing moment when her manager tells her that Guetta, 45, would like her on his upcoming album.

Lorde responded: "No. F*ck no. He's so gross."

Lorde is no stranger of course to public feuds…

Just in case you have missed it, Miley Cyrus had to defend Lorde after Miley's fans bullied her when she topped the iTunes chart in September.

The outspoken teenager then fired back after appearing to attack Taylor Swift for promoting an unreachable "flawless" image.

Lorde was criticized by Selena Gomez for "tearing down" Gomez's music as antifeminist and then dissed by Cher Lloyd for being a "knob" who slams fellow artists.

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