Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lily Allen: "Showbiz Is Full Of Sterile F**king Botoxed Idiots That Stink Of Desperation"

Lily Allen attacks the entertainment industry, claiming that it toxic and shallow.

Talking with Esquire UK, Allen, 28, was quoted as saying: "I feel like when I was growing up and dreaming of being a pop star, it was the days of Britpop when things felt authentic and anarchic, and people were taking drugs and having a lot of fun and having sex with each other and it wasn't fake, it was real."

"So excuse me if I found it a bit disappointing when I arrived and it was a bunch of sterile f**king botoxed idiots that stank of desperation," Allen explained.

Allen revealed to the mag: "I thought the people in that showbiz circle were my friends. But almost the second I got pregnant and I wasn't able to go out and party, they were suddenly quite nasty."

"There's a way that those people survive, and it's not by being nice," Allen went on, noting: "The way they make themselves feel powerful is to ostracize other people."

Allen admitted: "It's hard for me because I will eternally feel like that little bullied girl at school, because that's what I was."

On the other hand, Allen is grateful. "I feel very lucky. I couldn't ask for much more really. And actually I'm not really asking for much more," Allen confessed to Esquire.

"I'm not trying to take over the world here. I don't want to be Rihanna. I want to sell some records, sell some tickets to my shows and live my life," Allen added.

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