Monday, January 20, 2014

Meryl Streep "Shocked" That Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks Were Among Oscars Snubs (VIDEO)

Meryl Streep just earned her record 18th Oscar nomination, but she admitted that she truly did not expect to hear her name when the Oscar nominations were read on Thursday, January 16, and in fact she was shocked by the "surprises and injustices" that left 
some of her peers snubbed.

Appearing on Monday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Streep, 64, stated: "I didn't think I had a chance."

"You know, you read the papers and…they say: "Oh, she doesn't have a chance." Because I'm so old news, you know," Streep went on.

DeGeneres, 55, immediately responded: "That is crazy. There is no such thing as talent being old news. Your talent is…it doesn't get old."

"There was so many performances this year that were great," Streep was quoted as saying, noting: "I'm thinking of my friend, Emma Thompson, who wasn't nominated. I was really shocked. And I wrote her a long, heartfelt email saying, you know, how bad I felt, and she wrote back and said good."

When DeGeneres brought up Tom Hanks, 57, not getting a nod for "Captain Phillips", Streep claimed: "I know. A lot of surprises and injustices."

Check out the video below...

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