Monday, March 31, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise And And More Celebrities Honored At Jameson Empire Awards (PHOTOS)

Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger were honored at the Jameson Empire Awards in London on Sunday.

Hosted by Empire magazine, the annual event celebrates the best in films.

Cruise, 51, was named "The Legend of Our Lifetime," while Schwarzenegger, 66, was deemed "The Action Hero of Our Lifetime."

Jackman, 45, received the Icon Award.

Other winners were: Emma Thompson, James McAvoy, Margot Robbie, "Catching Fire" and "Gravity".

Check out more of the photos below...

                                          Hugh Jackman

                      Emma Thompson and James McAvoy

                                        Sally Hawkins

                                      Margot Robbie

                                      Arnold Schwarzenegger

                                         Kate Beckinsale

                                         Douglas Booth

                                        Hayley Atwell

                                      Jamie Campbell Bower

                                       Steve Coogan

                                         Emma Thomspson

                                          James McAvoy

                                           Logan Lerman

                                          Simon Pegg

                                           Rosamund Pike

                                          Trudie Styler

                                          Tom Cruise

Photo credit: Getty Images

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