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Leslie Mann Quotes

1. When I see people who are supposed to have been married twenty years, who hold hands and kiss, and every kiss is hot, and they're having magical sex every day, I'm like: "Screw you! Don't make me feel bad about myself!" Maybe I'm wrong, maybe people do have that. But I don't believe it.  

2. I think Adam's changed now, we've all changed. At that time (around Big Daddy) I'd had a new baby and he was single and he had all of his boys around and they would go and do all these single-boy things. And now he has a family, he's married with two kids, he's kind of settled down a little bit. We have more in common now.

3. The Brangelina? No. We're probably more like the Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy.

4. Apparently, Clint Eastwood watches our movies. I mean, he's, like, "Dirty Harry"! He's so awesome. Please don't write "awesome" "I use "awesome" all the time, but I totally hate the word. Say "amazing," "phenomenal," "freakin' insane."

5. My eight year old loves to cuddle with me. She's always holding my hand. All day, she'll catch up to me and hold my hand. She also just loves to lay on me in bed, she's just really sweet and cuddly and I love that.

6. Jennifer Aniston's butt looks so perfect. I just can't believe anybody's butt looks that good. I thought they must have retouched it.

7. I grew up with boys, so I'm very comfortable with boys. I don't pay attention to that part of it. I just enjoy it and how funny they are and how sweet. They're a bunch of sweet boys. I like it. We have all girls at home - we have a girl dog and two little girls. Judd's the one boy.

8. They don't have any clue as to what's happening so they're very natural. They were usually in eating scenes so we put food in front of them and rolled three cameras. Their friends can't see the movie and they can't see the movie, so it's totally off their radar. It's like hanging out with mom and dad.

9. My kids are really smart and have a lot of cavities, I found out today. Which means I'm a bad mother. My older daughter, Maude, who's 11, she's really into school and she doesn't seem to care too much what Miley Cyrus does at all. She's really grounded.

10. I bring a poofy gray down jacket with me wherever I go. It's meant for winter, but I use it most in the summer, when everyone cranks up the air-conditioning.

11. He's always kind of running his ideas by me. He talks about his ideas with everybody. But, you know, I just kind of challenge him. Like with Knocked Up, he's obviously a man, and he's writing from a male perspective and in the beginning made the women seem really crazy. So I had to remind him how crazy he was. Then it balanced out a little bit.

12. Auditioning is so nerve-racking.

13. Judd and Adam worked together when they first moved to Los Angeles in 1993, so I met Adam when I started dating Judd in 1995. We've been friends since then. Adam is like a dreamboat. You would expect somebody who is such a big movie star to have some kind of attitude or ego, but he has none of that. He's the nicest and easiest person to be around.

14. I have lunches with my girlfriends, who just turned 40, and some of those lunches, we're crying and screaming about our husbands, saying we want to leave them and run away. And then, other lunches, we're fine and love our husbands and are happy with our lives.

15. When I started auditioning, I'd take any audition I could get. The more dramatic ones didn't go as well as the comedic.

16. We can tell how good you'll be in bed by how good you are on the dance floor. This isn't an invitation to grind your boners into our asses - we're looking more for rhythm, ingenuity and joie de vivre.

17. Once, I was on a plane with my daughter Maude. She was screaming and screaming for a very long time. And a someone came up to me said, if you just take a little shiny thing and put it in front of her face it will calm her down. And I just wanted to you know what! laughs I just wanted to hand her the screaming kid! In a situation like that, I would go in the bathroom just to give the passengers a break, you know.

18. I can't say that! We have kids!

19. I don't understand why people think it's harder to do drama than it is to do comedy.

20. I don't think I was a humorless shrew. The women were just as funny as the men in that movie. Humorless shrews - who even says that? I just think it's an odd choice of words.

21. I didn't think: "I want to do dramas or I want to do comedies" - I wasn't clear in that way.

22. It was really hard in the beginning when I first became pregnant it was just such a shocker. I was depressed for about five years, And I don't know if I really had postpartum depression because back then no one would talk about it. I went to therapists tried to prescribe me medication, but it didn't work.

23. I've always been intrigued by the supernatural.

24. When I left the room he said to Ben Stiller: "There goes the future Mrs. Apatow." I guess he had some kind of plan worked out. He asked me out on a date, and I thought it was just a drink with a friend. But I remember looking at him and thinking: "This is the type of guy I should be with, not those jerk-off guys who don't treat me right." So I guess his little plan worked, and it's all history. Before meeting Judd, I was always into the scruffy guys, those dudes who work at the newspaper stand and smoke all day, guys who were no good and treated me badly. Then when I got the job on The Cable Guy, it was a real shock because I was suddenly surrounded by all these incredibly funny men. It just blew my mind. I wasn't used to that. The loser guys I'd been hanging out with weren't funny at all. And now I was working with Matthew Broderick, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller and Judd. They were the funniest guys in the world. It was like a dream.

25. I like dark humor. My favorite movie of all time is "Harold and Maude."

26. My daughter Maude, who's 10, is in love with Zac Efron. And I just did a movie with him called 17 Again, where he plays a grown man in a 17-year-old's body. He plays my husband. So, we got to kiss, which was very exciting for Maude. When I got home from work after doing the kissing scene, she ran up to me and licked my face because she wanted to taste Zac Efron's spit!

27. When I was 9, my parents let me take a cab to the mall all by myself. I had hardly any money to spend, but I did have a very specific list of things I wanted to do: buy cookies and sit on the furniture at Sears.

28. The other day for some reason we were watching the audition footage from The Cable Guy. We met during those auditions. It's on tape. He's not on tape, it's just me doing my audition. He's reading the Jim Carrey part and you can hear his voice. He's talking in a very Jim Carrey sort of way.

29. I'm pretty much game for anything.

30. (on her role in Knocked Up) I don't like watching couples in movies where the man is caressing the woman's hair while they're lying on the couch. That's a fake version of (marriage). So it was fun to do a playful and more truthful portrayal with heightened conflict. 

31. I like more grounded comedy. I enjoy broad comedies also, but I like Shirley MacLaine.

32. I'm terrified by speaking in front of people!

33. All of this is very nice, but I'm mainly focused on being a mom. I have a little book that I wrote in the fourth grade that said: "I want to be an actress when I grow up, but I'll probably be a bus driver. I love my bus driver." It's funny the way things play out.

34. My mother married three times. My dad is…I don't really have one. I mean, he does exist, but I have zero relationship with him.

35. I used to go on auditions, not intending to be funny, but people would laugh, and it would throw me. I think there's just something weird about me. I'm just odd. Really, I didn't know who the hell I was for a long time. I'm only now just figuring it out.

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