Tuesday, May 27, 2014

David Schwimmer Helps New York Police Solve Stabbing Crime

David Schwimmer helped police officers solve a stabbing crime in New York on Monday.  

Early in the morning a brawl took place between three individuals - a 26-year-old john, a transgendered prostitute, and an alleged thief - in the first floor of an apartment that adjoins Schwimmer's multimillion-dollar townhouse.

The 26-year-old john was having sex in his bathroom with the transgendered female prostitute when he heard an intruder, who attempted to rob his laptop.

An attack then followed between the john and alleged burglar. The hooker pepper sprayed the john before taking off and may have been working with the trespasser.

According to the cops, the john grabbed a box cutter in an attempt to get the computer back from the stealer, but the alleged intruder wrestled the cutter away from the john and injured his face.

The john was rushed to a local hospital where he received multiple stitches.

Thanks to Schwimmer's security camera, which recorded the end of the quarrel downstairs, the alleged thief was charged with robbery, assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

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