Friday, May 23, 2014

James Franco Talks Crush On Winona Ryder And Texting In Elle Interview

James Franco spoke out in the June issue of Elle about childhood crushes, disappointing texts and the male film star he considers charming.

"(Marlon) Brando is inevitably sexy," Franco, 36, revealed to the mag, noting: "When he's completely uninhibited both with what he does and what he says, then he reveals a being full of intelligence who moves like a dancer and speaks like a poet."

Franco also confessed to having a childhood crush on "Winona Ryder in Heathers and everything she did in that era."

"She was so cool as an outsider," Franco pointed out, adding: "The first freak and geek."

The characters in his new movie "Palo Alto" are enduring the pains of adolescence and he, who portrays a soccer coach, can relate to not fitting in.

"I wasn't the best socializer," Franco recalled of his high school years, claiming: "I was shy, but I had a girlfriend named Jasmine my last two years."

"I was lucky to have someone who stuck around like that" Franco explained, admitting: "I was a little confused and mixed-up when it came to dating."

Franco's teenage girlfriend accidentally urged him to acting. He auditioned for the school play only after learning she would have to smooch another dude on stage.

"Half of that jealousy had to do with somebody doing a romantic play with my girlfriend. But also, that guy was doing what I wanted to do," Franco was quoted as saying, adding: "He wrote the play, he acted in it, he directed it. I was probably more upset that he was doing that and I wasn't."

Franco stated he could fall for a woman who didn't love his work.

"It's not all of me. (Laughs) Yeah. It's fine."

When it comes to relationships, Franco understands the advantages and the disadvantages of building an affair in the digital age.

"You can get to know someone much quicker," Franco claimed, noting: "The downside is when people aren't tech savvy and don't express themselves well through digital media."

Franco also admitted that he has sent text messages to females that he would then regret.

"I have to remind myself not to text when I'm angry," Franco confessed, adding: "Don't do any social networking while angry."

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