Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kate Middleton Bare Butt Photo Scandal

Kate Middleton lately had a buttocks bared upskirt wardrobe mishap and she is now at the center of another photo scandal.

Middleton, who was pictured topless by photographers while on vacation in 2012, was obviously snapped from behind just as a gust of wind lifted her dress while she and husband Prince William were on their royal tour of Australia and New Zealand last month.

On Tuesday, the German tabloid newspaper Bild published the racy image.

The picture was placed alongside snapshots of two Kardashian sisters' butts, along with the (translated) caption: "Khloe, Kim and Kate - behinds that have moved us these past few days!"

The other females' posteriors are not exposed like Middleton's.

No comment yet from Kensington Palace on the latest photo controversy.

If you are so inclined to see the revealing photo, click HERE.

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