Friday, May 23, 2014

Sasha Pivovarova Quotes

1. It feels really strange when I walk by newsstands and I don't see any magazines with me in it!  


2. I love being a mother and giving and experiencing unconditional love to and from my daughter. She makes me happy and proud. She completes my life!

3. (on the fashion industry) I think people who are working in this industry are the greatest artists of our time.

4. Tane Organics makes very thin shirts which are perfect for summer and Stella McCartney does very chic clothes for kids.

5. (on traveling with her daughter) Mia is a great traveler. Luckily she's not any trouble on the plane. Usually I choose late flights for us so Mia can sleep. But I let her go smoothly through jet leg when we arrive, never forcing anything. As for her favorite destination, she loves Paris!

6. I was playing with pencils while the other girls were playing with dolls.

7. I used only natural products while pregnant like coconut oil for my body, and rose hip oil for my belly to prevent stretch marks.

8. I never thought my first role in a film would be a grandmother.

9. (on describing the perfect day with her daughter) We wake up together, we cuddle and play. I am making her breakfast while she runs around, I feed her, then we play or spend some time swimming. She will take her nap first, then we have lunch, then I'll take her to playground, classes, or we'll play in our garden. Then she has her second nap for the day, a little snack, more time for play, and a cuddle before dinner. We go to the beach, she'll play with the sand or run after birds, then I'll read her a book before bed time.

10. (on getting back in shape after pregnancy) Breast feeding and healthy eating did it for me.

11. I would like to be on more covers - they're always really nice to do.

12. As a child, I always thought about big screen and even played in a amateur theatrical studio. I would do more film roles if I am invited.

13. I spent the most part of my pregnancy on the beach, so my day to day look was a swim suit under a silk sarong, comfy slippers, sunglasses and a summer hat!

14. I have these large pieces of recycled brown paper stretched on my apartment wall and when I am not doing anything fashion-related, I'm drawing on it, playing with color spectrums. 

15. On other days, I wore lots of baggy clothes, so all my Rick Owens shirts and dresses were perfect for when I gained an extra 18 kg.

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