Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Troian Bellisario On Anorexia

Troian Bellisario spoke out about her past battle with anorexia in a new interview with "Larry King NOW."  

Bellisario, 28, recalled first confessing her disorder to Seventeen magazine, an experience she now regrets for the way her story was "sensationalized."

Of that interview, Bellisario was quoted as saying: "You know, they asked me what I was like when I was 17 and I wasn't going to say I was great, because I wasn't. I was suffering from a mental disorder. But what I so often find is that it becomes about the facts. How much weight did you lose? How were you treated? Were you hospitalized? And that's not important to me."

"What is important is to talk about the feelings, to talk about the help that young girls and young men who have this problem can get if they find that they are suffering," the "Pretty Little Liars" star explained.

Initially, Bellisario claimed she struggled to confront her own anorexia.

"I was a very smart girl, and I convinced them that I would be fine and I could do it on my own. And I went away to Vassar College for a couple of months and got sent home because I got too bad," Bellisario noted.

In Bellisario's own words, what makes the difference is "when somebody says: "Okay, I'm going to sit down with you and talk about what you're feeling, what's causing you to not want to eat,"" because "you start to begin to address the problem and then you can get back into healthy eating habits."

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