Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lindsay Lohan On Handling Whitney Houston's Body Bag: "I Thought It Would Be Worse"

Lindsay Lohan spoke out about the time she was doing community service in 2011 and revealed that she handled Whitney Houston's body bag in the morgue.  

In an interview with The Telegraph, Lohan, 28, confessed that she worked 12 hour shifts from 4am to 4pm for four months.

Lindsay claimed her experience was "f'd up and inappropriate - because a lot of other people were meant to do it, and they were like: "No, they can't handle it. Lohan can." It's different for me than it would be for other people - like, no one would really have to work at the morgue in LA and roll a body bag for Whitney Houston."

"I know it sounds really dark and strange, but I thought it would be a lot worse," Lindsay noted, adding: "I kind of regulated a lot of it. I'd tell people: "You didn't fold that sheet properly", because I'm OCD with folding."

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