Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal Diet For "Nightcrawler"

Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed how he lost 30 pounds for the character of his new film "Nightcrawler".  

Gyllenhaal, 33, claimed he followed a strict diet of kale salad and chewing gum, along with running 15 miles a day.

"The running thing, you're pretty hungry because you're not eating a lot of food," Gyllenhaal confessed to EW, adding: "You're lonely because you're not meeting your friends for dinner. People go: "Hey you want to meet for dinner after work?" I go: "Well, I'm shooting all night." "All right, you want to meet for lunch?" I'm like: "I can't!" So I'm gonna go run."

Would you follow Jake Gyllenhaal's strict diet?

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