Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery

Indian actress Ayesha Takia, best known for appearing in Bollywood movies, is rumored to have succumbed to plastic surgery to make her mark in the film industry.  

Takia, 28, is speculated to have gotten a nose job, a liposuction, breast implants and breast reduction.

Ayesha started her acting career when she was a teenager and since then she was the subject of plastic surgery rumors.

The truth is that the most noticeable thing about Takia's appearance is her unnaturally large breasts.

The reason for the Bollywood star's breast implants rumors emerged was because after starring in the "Chuna Udd Udd Jaye" music video when she was 18, Takia appeared to have grown her breasts excessively.

Judging by the before and after photos and videos widely circulated, Takia had a small frame with small breasts like any normal teenager. When she got older, though, her breasts grew uncontrollably and became larger and larger. Many considered this a sign of breast augmentation.

It was also reported that in 2008 the Indian beauty went to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai to get her breast implants removed due to experiencing shoulder pain.

Takia began looking chubby in 2008, but soon got slimmer. Many people estimated that instead of following a diet or exercising in the gym, she preferred the easy way out by undergoing liposuction in UK. These rumors reportedly made Takia really angry.

Conclusion: Ayesha Takia's plastic surgery is under debate as there is not enough proof to give a verdict.

What do you think? Did Ayesha Takia get plastic surgery?

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