Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Geena Davis Lip Injections

American actress and former fashion model Geena Davis, best known for starring in "Thelma & Louise", is rumored to have gotten lip injections to maintain her youthful image.  

Judging by the before and after photos, Davis' lips are as full, plump and luscious as they were when she was in her 20s, a fact that keeps her young. 

It is well known that when we get older, our lips become thinner and we lose the fullness of a youthful mouth.

Davis, 58, has likely gotten lip fillers that are very well performed, because her lips are not as thin as what would be expected at a woman her age. It is definitely a successful procedure as they are not too noticeable. 

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden wrote on her blog: "Geena Davis has had lip injections on her upper lip."

We have to take into consideration, however, that Davis is married to Iranian-American plastic surgeon Reza Jarrahy since September 1, 2001, which is considered that maybe she took advantage of it over the years. Of course, when you are married to a plastic surgeon, there is no doubt that rumors will begin to spread that you have gone under the knife. Davis should certainly have been aware of it.

It is apparent, though, that Davis takes good care of herself. Apart from plastic surgery operations, other factors that keep her young are: a healthy diet, exercising a lot and of course the fact she is blessed with good genes.

What do you think? Did Geena Davis get lip injections?

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