Saturday, November 29, 2014

Leona Lewis Left Her Label And Works On New Music

Leona Lewis recently spoke out about the next step in her career.  

"I'd been waiting for so long to be told what the next step is in my career," Lewis, 29, wrote on her official website, explaining: "Being lead by my previous label in every way. Last year I realized that's not the way to make meaningful creations. You cant put a date on inspiration, you don't know when and where it will come from, it's just something you feel. Little did I know, this would spark something inside me that would be the start of my next record."

Leona went on, adding: "I've since spent a lot of time in the studio writing about the feelings I've felt the past couple of years. The battles, the struggles, the highs and the lows. The only way I've made it through with any sanity is to write about it and get it out. Right now I'm in London, recording with some of my favorites including Biff and Ash whom I adore! Toby is here with me, and we are on a mission. My heart is full and I'm fired up."

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