Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mickey Rourke Looks Fit At 62 In New Shirtless Photos

Mickey Rourke flaunts his ripped body while appearing shirtless in the boxing ring on Wednesday in Moscow, Russia.

Rourke, 62, is exercising for his first boxing fight in 20 years against the 29-year-old Russian professional boxer Elliot Seymour.

The five-round fight match occur this Friday.

Rourke, a former boxer, has lost 35 pounds while getting ready for the fight.

"Given his age, he is in a perfect shape," Russian sports manager Maxim Kornilov claimed (via THR), adding: "Mickey has been sparring with young boxers, and we'll wait and see his performance in the ring. I think he'll cope with the task because he has a wealth of experience."

Are you impressed by Mickey Rourke's toned body?

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