Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Slash Files For Divorce From Perla Hudson After 13 Years

Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Slash has reportedly filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years, Perla Hudson.

According to celebrity website TMZ, Slash, 49, filed the legal documents on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Slash, whose real name is Saul Hudson, cited "irreconcilable differences" as reason for the separation. The pair, who wed in 2001, has two sons together and he is demanding joint custody.

The musician also filed divorce papers back in 2010, but withdrew them after they reconciled.

Hudson gave him an ultimatum that expired on New Year's Day.

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Kip Winger Quotes

1. I've studied voice from a few different people for years. 

2. Metallica had some good stuff in the old days but now they're just musically bankrupt. They're in it for the t-shirt sales and the ticket count and all that stuff. All the Metallica fans will probably read this and go: "Aw, you're an a…hole. Who the f…k are you?" I'm just saying that I know good music.

3. To actually put the time and energy into an album that would be better than Pull would be a hell of a lot of work, because I took that band really seriously, way more seriously than people took us. If you go back and listen to the records, you can hear it.

4. It's like, on my solo stuff, every single person who buys the record, gets it. On the other stuff, the masses…when you have a hit on the radio, not everyone's going to get it. They are going to buy it for the hit.

5. I think it's important to know your limitations too.

6. A producer should only be there to enable an artist to be himself.

7. I could play everything but could never take a lead. My brain just doesn't work like that.

8. I'm not financially insecure anymore either so I don't have to sit there and get on the latest Poison tour just to make money, which is what a lot of them are doing.

9. I was really into Black Sabbath, but heavy guitars can really be very limiting, it's a great frequency and it's great fun to listen to but on the other hand, musically you can do a lot more without it.

10. We were lumped into the Lite Metal radio bands.

11. I'm a child of the 70's; influenced mostly by albums that had a wide variety of style.

12. Rock stardom and all that stuff like that was never like my main M.O., my main M.O. is musical growth, and if I become a rock star in the process, great!

13. Basically we were just a musician's band that tried to do songs that people could dig on. When I grew up I was into all those 70's bands that were good musicians and played their instruments really well. That's kind of where I was coming from. Let's put it this way, we're not a "sell the t-shirt" kind of band. That's really not our thing. Our thing was focusing on the musicianship and the songs.

14. I was just going more for what I've always been influenced by, European music.

15. I play piano and guitar. Acoustic guitar. I tried studying classical guitar when I was 16 but it got really hard. I could never play a lead to save my life.

16. I'd like to tour, but again, to tour my music now would take a bigger band.

17. Throughout the years I have tried to hone my skills to gain mastery over the music in my head.

18. The songs were really complicated. I used to meet people in bar bands who were trying to play our songs and they were really struggling with it. Technically it was really difficult stuff.

19. It's a little bit more like I want to give this to the people that are really into it first - I don't have a lot of desire to be like Bon Jovi or something like that, I really want to concentrate on the music.

20. The main thing is that I've been studying composition for the last four years. I'd say it's the life experience combined with the lessons that enabled me to go much further.

21. We tune down a full step when we play but I never miss a note. I've learned how to keep my voice.

22. God would have to beam into me what I was doing and what the album actually sounded like because usually when I start a project like that, I already know what the album sounds like before I start it.

23. As a musician, basically the masses never thought I was a musician.

24. Good records - from my point of view, where I grew up which was Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull…bands that were pushing the envelope a little - musically and in production.

25. I wouldn't do just a tour, it would have to be an album, and the album would have to beat Pull.

26. In general, I don't feel artists should need producers.

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Sean Penn And Charlize Theron Engaged

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are reportedly engaged!

According to Us Weekly, Penn, 54, popped the question to Theron, 39, back in November while they were in Paris together.

The two celebrities "decided to take their relationship to the next level," an insider revealed to the outlet, noting that "There's no ring, but they are committed."

The pair were first seen together in December 2013 during a Hawaiian vacation and were rumored to become engaged back in July when she was allegedly spotted with a ring on her finger.

Sean's spokesperson didn't comment about the situation.

Congratulations to the happy couple, if it's true!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lionel Richie Quotes

1. People have allowed me into their homes, through my words and my music. 

2. "Let the music play on" would be my legacy.

3. In America, you're only as hot as your last record. In Canada, when they pass it down from generation to generation, you're part of the fabric of the country, and that's the beauty of it.

4. I think the whole world is dying to hear someone say "I love you." I think that if I can leave the legacy of love and passion in the world, then I think I've done my job in a world that's getting colder and colder by the day.

5. So much of my career has been about saying things the way people say them, using melodies not that I can sing but that the people can sing.

6. I grew up with the Grand Ole Opry, Dottie West, Conway Twitty, Buck Owens... not realizing it was influencing me as much as it was.

7. Country music has always been about as close to R&B as you can possibly get. We're storytellers.

8. When I came up with the idea for "Tuskegee," I didn't want to be confined by boundaries of age, genre or demographics. I am thrilled with how well this album has been received by people from all walks of life. It is truly living up to the vision we had when we created it.

9. I'm a songwriter, and people will tell you the greatest stories about their lives, whether you want to hear it or not.

10. Greatness comes from fear. Fear can either shut us down and we go home, or we fight through it.

11. My earliest memories of country music are the Grand Ole Opry.

12. People, as critical as it looks, we're OK. We are in control, whether we feel it or not.

13. Country is bringing in a little rock element...a little '80s element. Melody is king now. But its just in the music, its not so much in the songwriting, which is still very basic to the storytelling aspect of it.

14. The best compliment that has ever been given to me was, I was at the airport one day and a guy came in and said: "Lionel, my wife loves you, the kids love you, my mother-in-law loves you, the family loves you."

15. I knew I was going to do a country album one day. But I was just trying to figure out for the life of me, what we were going to do to make it different, unique.

16. You cannot beat the feeling of sitting on top of the charts. I had almost forgotten what it feels like… It feels great! It is really a very exciting time and I am enjoying the ride.

17. Exactly when people are in turmoil is the time that the entertainment business has always been at its best. Because people don't want to be reminded every day that they are under siege, or that they're not having a great time of life.

18. Your kids can say some cruel things to you at times. For example, Nicole, Miles and Sofie are standing there in the room and I'm dressed to kill in my own mind. They'll say to me: "Dad, you're not going out there looking like that are you?" If that doesn't kill a star, I don't know what does!

19. Growing up with country, R&B, gospel, and classical music from my grandmother and pop, Tuskegee was the perfect melting pot for my influences as a writer.

20. Believe me, I love commerce as much as the rest of the readers of "Businessweek." But in art, you have to be true to yourself and your musical vision. People have known me well for a long time, so if I was chasing a trend and doing something that wasn't authentic to who I am, they would know it in just a few seconds.

21. Kids will keep it real. If I've ever had in my life a great anchor, it's them. They get in your head, "don't get too famous." If you think you're really famous and think you're really hip, go hang out with your kids for an afternoon. That's about as earthbound as it's going to get.

22. By growing up in Alabama, I had a melting pot of the whole pie: R&B, gospel, country.

23. I just like people. I'll hold a conversation at a gas station. It's not about the fame and the fortune, I just like people.

24. Lionel Richie, love song, OK, thank you very much, good-bye. And all of a sudden I realized that, in my career, what has made my career has always been the surprises.

25. I find the greatest songs in the world come out of pain, and I don't like it! Here's what it does: It strips away all of your facade. It makes you so honest. It's cleansing.

26. I am a country boy and proud of it.

27. I travel around the world, experiencing every language, every religion…some places where there's just no reason to smile, because their lives are so difficult.

28. (on meeting Nelson Mandela) Nothing else on this planet unglued me this way, right in front of everyone. For him to say: "Your lyrics, your songs got me through so many days of captivity". I just couldn't - he's talking to me, you know? It gave me a sense of real purpose: Why am I doing this?

29. I always like to challenge myself. I never want to be put into a box.

30. Taking time to sit back and watch and think about what you've seen is important. Traveling did a great deal to me. I found that when I travel and just sit in the corner and watch, a million ideas come to me.

31. All artists are egotistical maniacs with inferiority complexes.

32. I find myself going out on the road to get my confidence back, because I lose it at home.

33. It's quite interesting that in my growing up I had several influences. We had gospel music on campus. R&B music was, of course, the community, and radio was country music. So I can kind of see where all the influences came from.

34. (on putting a show together) Were threading the needle: "Who got married on these songs? Who went to school on these songs? Where are the frat party songs?" You have to put it all in and see what falls off the ledge.

35. When I was growing up, music was music and there were no genres. We didn't look at it as country music. Popular music in Tuskegee was country music. So I didn't know it in categories. It was the radio.

36. It was very interesting in my world, because I grew up as a fan and I did not know that there was a thing called R&B, pop, country, classical - I just knew that I loved music.

37. Every generation speaks. From the '70s and '80s on, I understood what was happening in my generation. Then came the MTV group, and that was considered off-the-chain, and some people didn't want to do it. And then comes (daughter) Nicole and her group, and there goes the neighborhood. Now we're in total reality. I call it "overdose reality". Everybody has a reality show now. With cellphones, everybody's a star.

38. Just when I think it couldn't get any bigger, "Tuskegee" reaches a new level of success.

39. I want to let everybody know that I'm from there, and country is Tuskegee. Or should I say rather, my country is Tuskegee. I was born and raised there, it's not just someplace I passed through one day.

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Nicki Minaj Reveals Abortion

Nicki Minaj made the shocking confession she had an abortion as a teenager.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Minaj, 32, was quoted as saying: "I thought I was going to die. I was a teenager. It was the hardest thing I'd ever gone through. (It) haunted me all my life. It'd be contradictory if I said I wasn't pro-choice. I wasn't ready. I didn't have anything to offer a child."

Nicki talked about inspiring young women: "With a video like "Anaconda," I'm a grown-ass f…king woman! I stand for girls wanting to be sexy and dance, but also having a strong sense of themselves. If you got a big ol' butt? Shake it! Who cares? That doesn't mean you shouldn't be graduating from college."

The rapper also spoke out about her goals in her album "The Pinkprint": "One of my goals was to give people a glimpse into my personal life, because it's something I've kept very private."

For the full interview of Nicki Minaj, visit

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Christine Cavanaugh Dead At 51

Christine Cavanaugh, the original voice of Chuckie Finster on Nickelodeon's "Rugrats" and Babe the Pig in the 1995 movie "Babe", has died. She was 51.  

According to celebrity website TMZ, the voice actress was very popular in the voice over world.

Cavanaugh also voiced the characters of Gosalyn Mallard on Disney's "Darkwing Duck" in 1991 and boy-genius Dexter on the "Cartoon Network's Dexter's Laboratory", as well as roles in "The Powerpuff Girls", "Aladdin", "Hercules: The Animated Series", "The Wild Thornberrys", "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "101 Dalmatians: The Series".

Cavanaugh passed away on December 22 and the details surrounding her death have not been yet disclosed. She was suffering from chronic myelogenous leukemia. She retired from voice acting over ten years ago.

R.I.P Christine Cavanaugh

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Mandy Moore Dating

Mandy Moore is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion designer. Wanna know who dated Mandy? Let us examine Mandy Moore's dating history below...  


2001 - 2002
Mandy Moore dated "That '70s Show" star Wilmer Valderrama. The two met at a photo shoot. They dated on and off. Years later, Valderrama made an appearance on Howard Stern's radio program and stated: "The sex with Mandy was good, but it wasn't like warm apple pie." Moore replied: "That is utterly tacky, not even true. It hurts my feelings because I like him."

2001 - 2002
Mandy Moore dated Brian McFayden. The pair worked together, hosting the 2001 "Miss Teen USA" pageant. The two also regularly hosted MTV events, including New Year's Eve 2002.

September 2002 - March 2004
Mandy Moore dated tennis player Andy Roddick. The couple met after Moore invited Roddick to the set of her movie "How to Deal," and instantly hit it off. "He had a wonderful sense of humor. He was very handsome and tall. That's a big thing for me because I'm almost 5'10, so I need someone tall," Moore revealed to People magazine.

September 2004 - 2006
Mandy Moore dated Zach Braff. After appearing at an event held by Creative Artists Agency together, the two began dating. She also guest starred on Braff's sitcom "Scrubs."

January 2007 - March 2007
Mandy Moore dated DJ AM. They met on New Year's Eve in Miami and have a short romance, before breaking up. 

May 2007
Mandy Moore dated San Diego-based producer and musician Greg Laswell. The two met through mutual musician pals and dated briefly.

March 2008 - Present
Mandy Moore dated singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. The two began dating in March 2008, they separated in July 2008 but got back together in December 2008. The pair got engaged in February 2009. They finally tied the knot a month later on March 10, 2009 in a small ceremony in Savannah, Georgia. "I'm very happy," Moore was quoted as saying.

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Luise Rainer Dead At 104

Luise Rainer, the first actress to ever receive back-to-back Oscar wins during Hollywood's golden era, has died. She was 104.  

According to her daughter Francesca Knittel-Bowyer, Rainer passed away at her London, England residence after battling pneumonia.

"She was bigger than life and can charm the birds out of the trees," Knittel-Bowyer was quoted as saying (via People), adding: "If you saw her, you'd never forget her."

Rainer won the Best Actress Oscar for "The Great Ziegfeld" in 1936 and "The Good Earth" in 1937. Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Jason Robards and Tom Hanks are the only other actors to ever win back-to-back Oscars. Luise was the first person to manage the feat.

R.I.P Luise Rainer

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