Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lady Gaga Refuses Being Raped By Dr. Luke

Lady Gaga broke her silence after an allegation made by Kesha's attorney Mark Geragos that Dr. Luke is the person behind Gaga's rape.

Gaga, 28, dismissed the speculation of Geragos, claiming that it is absolutely false.

Just in case you have missed it, Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, made the shocking revelation on Tuesday's "The Howard Stern Show" that she was raped at the age of 19, although she refused to name her rapist. Geragos then took to twitter and attacked Dr. Luke.

The lawyer tweeted a link to a story about Gaga's rape confession and asked followers: "Guess who the rapist was?" When a follower asked if Geragos meant that Gaga's sexual attacker was someone Kesha fans would know, the attorney responded: "#OhYes." He even encouraged people to "#NameThePervert." When a follower replied Dr. Luke, Geragos tweeted: "#Bingo."

A spokesperson for Gaga told celebrity website TMZ: "It's absolutely not true…The Dr. Luke lawsuit is utterly incomprehensible. This simply isn't true and how dare someone take advantage of such a sensitive matter."

A rep for Dr. Luke was quoted as saying: "Mark Geragos' statement is completely false and defamatory. Luke met Lady Gaga twice for less than half an hour total in those two meetings combined. He has never been alone with her and never touched her. Neither meeting was in that time frame reported."

On the other hand, Geragos is still insisting that Dr. Luke victimized Gaga, despite her denial.

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