Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lena Dunham: "Republican Males Hate Me"

Lena Dunham broke her silence and talked about her haters, claiming she is being regularly attacked on social media. 

"It would probably be too easy a cop out to say that just Republican males hate me. Though there's a large swath of them, for sure," Dunham, 28, revealed (via The Daily Beast).

The "Girls" creator and actress went on: "I'm sure it's connected to (women's rights), I'm sure it's connected to the content of the show and the way that I deal with my body on the show. Listen, I totally leave room for people to be irritated by me. They were irritated by me from 2nd through 12th grade. I know the feeling dearly. I said to my boyfriend once at a very low moment: "This isn't that different from 2nd grade. People have always been trying to pick on me! Always!""

"But I try not to be that self-pitying. I've tried to analyze it, but then I kind of realized that it's not my job to understand, and it almost wouldn't be healthy for me to understand," Dunham explained, adding: "The best thing I can do is be of service to other women and people who are experiencing similar things, and if I can be a guide to other outspoken, creative women, that's the best thing I can do rather than try and understand the segment of the Internet that responds to me negatively."

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