Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chad Kroeger On Justin Bieber: "He's Going To Be Ashamed" (AUDIO)

Chad Kroeger is upset with Justin Bieber.  


In a radio interview on Friday, Kroeger, 40, was asked about Bieber, 20, and after previously laughing at the question, he responded: "I think that you gotta be careful when you're handing someone that young the keys to the kingdom. He went on to say: "When you give someone that young that much money and that much carte blanche to just do whatever you want to do, things are going to run amok, and we're all going to get to stand back and watch the wheels fall off the train."

The Nickelback singer explained: "I had high hopes for him. Because I really wanted him to turn into kind of a Justin Timberlake…and I think he's going to look back on this time in his life and he's going to be ashamed of the things that he's done," adding: "And it's really too bad, because he is talented, and it's just a bit of a letdown."

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