Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diarmuid Gavin On Jerry Hall: "I Paid Her £10,000 To Lay On My Bed For Few Hours"

Celebrity gardener and TV personality Diarmuid Gavin has recently revealed that he paid Jerry Hall a large amount of money to lay on his bed in order to give him inspiration for a garden in Bagenalstown, County Carlow.  

In an interview with the Sunday Independent, Gavin, now 50, claimed: "I paid £10,000 to Jerry Hall to lie on a bed for a few hours so I could sketch her shape as inspiration for a garden," noting: "Louis Walsh - who had previously arranged for me to pitch ideas to Simon Cowell - loaned me his London flat for the "rendezvous" with Jerry."

According to the Irish garden designer, Walsh's flat was full of Andy Warhol paintings, some of them of a specific car bumper-lipped singer with the Rolling Stones.

Before Hall, now 58, arrived, Diarmuid "discreetly" turned the illustrations of her ex Mick Jagger "to the wall". For the next five hours, the supermodel reclined on the bed in several seductive poses.

According to the artist, Jerry was absolutely flawless, lovely, with an attractive well-proportioned body.

Gavin even jokingly said that it was in his power to make her butt as large or as small as he wanted.

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