Sunday, February 22, 2015

Eric Erlandson Quotes

1. We were working on all the stuff that Courtney and I had already written. Billy really facilitated things, in a way…I would bring in the music, Courtney would start coming up with lyrics right away, and (Billy) would help map it all out. Courtney writes all her own lyrics. Nobody else is writing those lyrics and nobody ever has. 

2. Why look for answers in a burnt black log when the smoke is now miles away forming circle around the shape of a serpent fighting a swan?

3. (on Courtney Love) She called me up and talked my ear off. We met at this coffee shop and I saw her and I thought: "Oh, God. Oh, no, What am I getting myself into? She grabbed me and started talking, and she's like: "I know you're the right one", and I hadn't even opened my mouth yet.

4. Time & love dehydrate us; water content reduced in slow torturous increments until we're prune fleshed & feeble, ready for snacking. You looked fate in the eyes & cried. Your only viable option - drain the vat while the wine was full-bodied & pungent. A noble act, you thought, to spill precious wine before it goes sour. Makes us appreciate it that much more.

5. (on Hole) These two girls show up dressed completely crazy, we set up and they said: "okay, just start playing something." I started playing and they started screaming at the top of their lungs for two or three hours. Crazy lyrics and screaming. I said to myself: "most people would just run away from this really fast." But I heard something in Courtney's voice and lyrics.

6. The paper comes in plastic, a little thinner each week, a few more ads. Pretty soon there'll be no news. We'll be underwhelmed, over-bored & all storied out. The clouds ready to burst with our blue-skinned memories. Everyone with a blog, a website, an online store, dedicated server & two-dimensional quick-response-coded documentary made about their precious life. Our brains at maximum capacity, running optimization programs to recover what's left of our sanity. Still, we hope. We go see the latest blockbuster, buy the latest iPhone, zone out in front of our schizo-screens drinking jugs of moonshine corn syrup with our latent mutant meals. Facebook keeps us chained to our pasts, our posts, screwed in our seats…Scarecrows surrounded by night soil & spirits. Your acid shield may protect you from outside threat, but it'll never protect you from yourself.

7. The missing years become lifetimes.

8. They say we all die alone, but I say we die together as one, with every selfish act, piece by piece, smack by smack…

9. You can lead a horse to water & end up dying of thirst, ya know.

10. Nobody mends anything anymore. Spares nothing. Saves nothing. Sews nothing (yet sues everything).

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