Saturday, February 21, 2015

Laura Dern Plastic Surgery

We all know that in Hollywood the pressure is too high for celebrities to remain forever young. On the other hand, there are few of them who swear that they will never go under the plastic surgeon's knife. The reason? Well, these celebrities have completely come to terms with their flaws and love being natural.  

When it comes to Laura Dern, plastic surgery procedures are out of the question.

In fact, Dern, 48, is well known for her very negative stance towards any type of plastic surgery.

In an interview, the "Blue Velvet" star said: "I don't want to mess with my face," noting: "I do think aging is hard for women."

"This nation has had a destructive impact on most of the world, with beauty creams and advertising and the world of high fashion. From anorexia to wrinkle cures, people are deeply disturbed and have lost a sense of self. We must try to find something to define us other than just appearance, which is a very American trap," Laura went on.

"I have actress friends who are starting Botox at 29," Dern revealed.

Unlike most female Hollywood stars, the "Jurassic Park" star is not the least anxious about growing old.

"I am convinced that I will not have surgery - I hope I will say that to you in 20 years when we meet on another film," Dern declared.

"Someone asked me the other day: if you could dream of a part, what would it be? And I said: "Judi Dench's role in "Notes on a Scandal" - and then I thought, hang on, if I'm thinking that way, I'd better not have any surgery, because I'm going to have incredible parts in the next 30 years," Dern was quoted as saying.

"I feel I'll finally get the parts I was never old enough to play - damaged, complicated women. I have spent the majority of my career playing girls," Dern explained, adding: "As I get older I think it's going to be easier. There may not be anybody left who looks 60 when I get there, so I figure I will be cornering the market in old ladies, because everyone else is going to look 32."

Conclusion: Despite the wrinkles and lines on Dern's face, she is still attractive and beautiful. She certainly is a great example of growing old gracefully.

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