Monday, February 23, 2015

Sophie B. Hawkins Quotes

1. Just because I sing about women doesn't mean I'm gay. Just because I sing about guys doesn't mean I'm straight.  

2. It's so interesting that the romantic side of my life comes from my father, who I really didn't even know that well.

3. The message I got from my record label at the time - and this was on purpose - was that I wasn't selling enough. Even when the single was a hit, it wasn't enough of a hit - I never got to number 1; I only got to number 5. And MTV didn't like the first video for the song, and we had to do another one. So I never felt anything except how bad I was and like: "Oh, shame on you!"

4. (on her father's death) His death was a giant coming into focus of reality. I can really compare this to being a mother now. It's such a difference when your parents are not there. You romanticize and create relationships that aren't maybe there. Every child fills in the holes. Even in the greatest relationships with parents, children either blame themselves for everything or do the opposite. So, with my father, anything I could hook into with him that was positive, like his love of Central Park and New York, I did it. When he died, anything that I created in our relationship, I had to come to terms with. 

5. (on her album "The Crossing") It came from a painting I did that's in the album, of five boats crossing in this misty and romantic sea to a place. I said: "That is like where I'm at right now." I believe that is where humanity is at right now. It reminds me of one of the most influential quotes I've ever read: "Angels get my mansions ready, for we are crossing this misting river one by one."

6. I wanted to talk about the truth with both of my parents. I was the one always trying to get Daddy to go to meetings. I was really proactive in trying to heal my family. I wouldn't give up. My whole life was about trying to get my father healthier, and there were moments when he was healthier. Then someone would give him a drink. I always felt if he had one person in his life who supported his healthy side, he'd be on his way. 

7. I've just been able to leave the shore of all this struggle and baggage, and it doesn't even matter what's on the other side. It almost doesn't matter where I'm going; it just matters how I'm going.

8. Before I was signed, I just wanted to get into the system, even though I didn't know what that meant. After I got signed I found that I was confused by all the mixed messages from the label about what I'd have to do to keep their support. I fought and fought to maintain my identity and grow as an artist at the same time, but when I realized that to get their support on Timbre I'd have to start working with schlocky writers and totally sell out, I decided to pack up my marimba and split.

9. So many people are throwing up their hands because the world has gotten so dark, but I went against the current and I actually found more light and positive energy. That was a great feeling.

10. (on the biggest misconception about her) Because people try to define me too fast, they miss the truth. They miss the essence.

11. I'm standing on the corner of Dream Street and Chance. It feels like anything can happen.

12. I used to be more dogmatic, more disciplined and segregated about my time to work; now I have to jump from one song to another, or score a scene in a movie, then get out the door for a performance at a moment's notice. The illusion of control over my schedule is totally obsolete. There is no way to say: "I can't do that right now." It's: "Yes, thank you for the opportunity, whatever it takes to get the music out there."

13. The reality is that we're all in the wilderness, and we have to survive on our own, and things constantly change and if we don't accept that, then we're just trying to fool ourselves. But the beauty of wilderness is that sometimes you can wake up in the morning and feel so sweet and whole.

14. I'm only about creativity. I'm actually always looking for the good news. Sometimes people can portray me as someone who is always stuck in the bad news.

15. Gay people are all about publicity and show. Even the marriages. If you really want to get married, f…king stay married. Show the world. Stop having affairs, and stop acting like straight people. Don't just yell and scream about having rights and then treat each other like shit. 

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