Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

American TV personality, news anchor and producer for CBS Julie Chen has long been the subject of plastic surgery rumors.  

Chen, now 45, has shocked the public when she openly admitted to getting plastic surgery in order to get ahead in her career.

On an episode of her show "The Talk", Chen revealed that she underwent eyelid surgery after a producer and an agent told she looked "too Chinese".

On "secret week" where all the co-hosts confessed their secrets and answered several rumors, the newscaster claimed that she had plastic surgery when she was 25 years old. Then local news reporter at an ABC affiliate in Dayton, Ohio, Chen wanted to promote her career when a producer told she would never be able to fill in at the anchor's desk because she seemed too Chinese. In addition, he noted that having Asian eyes made her look "bored and disinterested" and unrelatable to the people of Dayton, which consists of a really small Asian population.

Looking to get rid of that producer, Chen met up with a big agent who told her the same thing and that he would only represent her if she had eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear bigger. After going under the plastic surgeon's knife for blepharoplasty, Julie's career exploded, although she states that she sometimes feels guilty for "giving in to the man."

Chen then finished her shocking revelation by saying that she is proud to be Chinese and is not regretting her plastic surgery makeover.

While Chen possibly thought that admitting to blepharoplasty would help to alleviate the plastic surgery rumors swirling around, they appear to have exacerbated them. After she confessed she had eyelid surgery, many people considered that she didn't share all her plastic surgery secrets, such as having succumbed to a nose job. Julie insisted that the only operation she has gotten was on her eyes and that her nose is the result of good makeup techniques and not a scalpel. She also dismissed the plastic surgery rumors of  having cheek and chin implants as well as having braces or dental veneers.

Julie, though, admitted to getting a rhinoplasty to correct what she calls a "very meaty" nose. She explained that she decided otherwise after her grandmother told her not to change her nose because it is a happy nose, according to Chinese superstition.

To explain why her image changes drastically from show to show, Chen said that she relies on makeup artistry to make her nose look thinner and play up her cheekbones.

What do you think of Julie Chen's plastic surgery?

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