Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Madonna And Justin Bieber Answer Sex Questions On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" (FUNNY VIDEO)

Madonna and Justin Bieber played a funny game of "Never Have I Ever" on Wednesday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and revealed intimate details about their sex lives.  
Madonna, 56, visited again the talk show for "Madonna Week" and DeGeneres, 57, invited Bieber, 21, as a surprise guest to make the game more interesting. Before they began playing, the Queen of Pop commented about Justin's outfit and then Ellen tried to set them up as a pair. 

Madonna had said on Tuesday's episode that the youngest man she has ever dated is 22, and Bieber just turned 21. "We can sit here for a year," Madonna jokingly claimed, who after seeing one of the singer's Men's Health photos, declared: "That looks 22."

Handed paddles for "Never Have I Ever," the Queen of Pop questioned: "Can we spank each other with it?" There was no spanking, but things got kind of racy. DeGeneres' first question was whether they ever had phone sex, to which she and Madonna both admitted that they had. Seeing Justin hold up that he hadn't, Madonna reacted: "You liar!" The host also gave Bieber grief when he refused ever getting kicked out of a bar, with the performer insisting: "I just turned 21!"

Check out the hilarious video below…


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