Friday, March 20, 2015

Maripol: "Madonna Didn't Like The Costumes In "Desperately Seeking Susan""

Maripol has recently opened up about working with Madonna in the 1980s.

Just in case you hear her name for the first time, Maripol, 58, is an artist, stylist, film producer and fashion designer, who has had an influence on the image of many iconic performers, such as Madonna, Deborah Harry, Cher and Grace Jones.

Maripol became famous when she designed Madonna's trademark jewellery, black rubber bracelets and crucifixes during the "Madonna" and "Like a Virgin" albums in the mid-1980s

Some people believe that Maripol discovered the Queen of Pop.

Maripol said: "She wouldn't like that! Let's put it like this: she discovered me".

"She would come over when she was doing "Desperately Seeking Susan" and say she didn't like the costumes. I would say: "You're a singer! You have to look like you." I insisted she keep her jewellery, the crosses and stuff. That's what she was projecting as an image at that moment," Maripol added.

The two ended their collaboration after her "Like A Virgin" look.

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