Monday, April 20, 2015

Caitlin Stasey Quotes

1. The iron giant, charlottes web, Vicky angel, the lion king. All dealing with the death of a hero, all life changers and beloved.  

2. Please eat less meat and only eat cruelty free...Also, masturbate often.

3. Insulting someone by accusing them of being a "girl" or "gay" is about as offensive as calling them a human.

4. Girls will be girls whatever that means to them.

5. Yes, be yourself, be good, be kind, but death doesn't only happen to villains! It isn't a punishment and therefore it is not a curse.

6. To clarify Azalea Banks is my religion and emergency contact.

7. Falling in love is not the only adventure worthy of a young woman.

8. My new star sign is Laverne Cox.

9. Dude, let's not elevate certain professions. It isn't a dream, it's hard work if you can't get it, sometimes rewarding.

10. Your body shouldn't be a prison because of the way other people will see it. Be dressed, be undressed, it is your vessel.

11. Men threatened by feminism either don't understand it or don't like that they now have to modify their own s…tty behavior.

12. "One of the guys" implies that to resemble any kind of man is better than actually being any kind of woman.

13. Being open about my sexuality isn't an invitation to it.

14. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've never met a straight guy who doesn't eat p…sy and dig it.

15. Girls will be girls and will not be restricted or burdened by your sexualization of them.

16. "The Reign" star shared a series of explicit images, which show her baring her breasts" THIS is the problem.

17. I love buddy comedies,truly,but f…k any from now on that only incorporate women as the girlfriend/wife. Shouldn't be a chore to use women in comedy.

18. Assuming the earth doesn't implode imminently our children's, children will look back to today and laugh at the follies of the hateful.

19. Women, let us treat each other with love and not tear one another down for reasons physical or material. Be living examples of tolerance.

20. Living your life at all publicly, whether you are filtered or not will attract idiocy and abuse, I at least like to earn mine by committing to things I feel are vitally important, what is the purpose of existence if not to try and build a society that is conducive to greater happiness and tolerance (also exposed nipples).

21. Be ashamed, be terrified that in the future people will apologize for you, call you a product of the time. The time of gender inequality.

22. We're both pretty brazenly sexual and unapologetic I suppose and also petulant, stubborn and volatile.

23. Because of the way society & the media treats female breasts, young women spend their whole lives believing that theirs are abnormal.

24. Children's entertainment has become a death denying, self righteous hell scape with no actual messages of substance or relevancy.

25. If you walk in on your child masturbating don't punish them or mock them. Walk away, giggle to yourself and acquire high speed internet access.

26. Girls will be girls because we be cool as f…k, bodily autonomous bad ass bosses.

27. You who take it upon yourselves to refer to any part of my body as indecent.Think of teenage girls reading, examining themselves against your words.

28. Hugely saddened by the abundance of non red skittles.

29. I don't drink, but I would be a toke of some other more earthly substance.

30. This industry protects, forgives and celebrates sex offenders in whatever form they come, welcome to the Catholic Church that is Hollywood.

31. Having yet another source reaffirm what they have been forced into believing their entire lives.You are sex. You are sex and not for yourself.

32. Be a child molester, a rapist, a wife beater and you'll never be without your lifetime achievement award, residuals and spineless, glittery friends.

33. I became more outspoken and a little less cowardly I've attracted mostly young women to my feed which is truly heart warming. I love to invest time in the introspective, observant and socially aware, it's exhilarating watching these young women learn to question their world at a much earlier age than I ever did. I feel tapped in and connected to a greater consciousness.

34. Texting rules for me - Do not type as many ha's as you expressed irl. You look very crazy/insincere.

35. Why do I usually take acting jobs? Because no one trusts me to me to babysit, I dropped out of high school and I really love truffles.

36. I'm learning sign language. I'm so lucky that I can sense when a baby is under 50 feet away from me. I don't believe in ghosts but I'm terrified of them.

37. Girls will be girls and bigger than those who would fault them for doing so.

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