Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sia On Kanye West: "I Find Him Fascinating"

Sia has recently opened up about her experience with rapper Kanye West.  

Sia, 39, gave a rare interview to Sydney's Nova 96.9, in which she talked about what it's like talking to the always honest West.

"I think he's a really interesting artist," the singer-songwriter said about West, 37, noting: "I find him fascinating to talk to as a person. I rate him as a person. He's an ideas man."

Sia actually admitted she was on the receiving end of one of his infamous long-winded rants.

"He's fascinating to have a conversation with, well, mostly you're listening, so…but it's fascinating," the artist explained.

As for her opinion of Kanye reproducing her big hit, Sia responded: "I don't really care," adding: "I don't listen to music, this is the truth. I watch television."

Just in case you don't know, West remixed her track "Diamonds", a song she wrote for Rihanna in just 14 minutes.

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