Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrity Mother's Day Photos

Celebrities have taken to social media on Sunday to post pictures of their beloved mothers, kids and families, as well as images from their celebrations.  


Justin Timberlake, 34, has even showcased three generations. The singer captioned his sports-themed snapshot: "#HappyMothersDay to ALL of the Mommies out there!! You DA REAL MVPs EVERY DAY!!" Kate Hudson, 36, had posted a lengthy message in honor of her famous mom, actress Goldie Hawn, though she was rivaled by messages from Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Carey Hart.

There were throwback photos from Lenny Kravitz, Pitbull, Andy Cohen, Julianne Hough and Sarah Silverman and even a peek at Zach Braff's childhood "#spidermanunderoos." Tori Spelling uploaded a collage of her "four amazing bumps."

Check out what celebrities have shared on Mother's Day below…

                                      Alec Baldwin
"Happy Mother's Day to this very special woman." (Twitter)

                                      Allison Janney
"Happy Mothers Day Moms! Here's mine!" (Twitter)

                                    Alyssa Milano
"Happy Mother's Day! It is the hardest job you will ever love. I appreciate you all! Blessings of love and light to you and your children always." (Instagram)

                                         Andy Cohen
"Happy Mother's Day!! <3 <3 <3"

                                       Ashley Greene
"Happy Mothers Day to the beautiful woman who I only hope to equal one day. My rock. My inspiration. My home. My mama." (Instagram)

                                         Beth Behrs
"Happy Mother's Day to the best mom a gal could ask for. Thank god our style choices have evolved" (Twitter)

                                            Bill Rancic
"Happy Mother's Day to the best mother and wife I could have prayed for." (Instagram)

                                             Bob Saget
"Thinkin of my momma & wishin you all a Happy Mother's Day. She never drank but she certainly could hold her liquor." (Twitter)

                                           Carey Hart
"I want to say happy mom's day to the best mother on the planet. Some may think she is the typical celeb mom that has the nanny raise her child. Not a chance. She is doing such a great job w/ our daughter Willow, and it shows in her personality everyday. School drop off and pick up, gymnastics, swimming, horse riding, stuffy noses, fever, scrapes, cuts, nightmares, playgrounds, dance parties, nail painting, play dates, beach walks, crafts, baking; @pink never misses a single one. Willow has to be one of the luckiest kids ever because she has a mom that puts in the time and loves her more than anything. Good job baby, you are the true definition of 'Loving Mother' and "Woman.'" (Instagram)

                                          Celine Dion
"Happy Mother's Day!" (Twitter)

                                           Eliza Dushku
"Mama's Day / my lil #MamasBoy #tbd #BostonLife" (Instagram)

                                          Elizabeth Banks
"Feeling much gratitude for my mama today! Big ups to all the moms #HappyMothersDay" (Twitter)

                                          Eva Longoria
"Happy Mother's Day to the best mama in the world!!! #Ella I love u mama!!" (Twitter)

"happy mothers / glamma day mom! we love you." (Twitter)

                                   Giada De Laurentiis
"Happy Mother's Day! #happiness" (Instagram)

                                           Goldie Hawn
"To my Beautiful mama on the left. You shine in my heart." (Twitter)

                                     Hailey Baldwin
"To start, I know I look like a damn Gremlin but... Happy Mothers Day to the best Mom anyone could ask for. Thank you for being you and for always being there for me and for always reminding me 47,000 times a day to drink water. Lol. I love you with all of my heart! <3" (Instagram)

                                       Hilary Duff
"Luc..... You will never understand....<3.... The brightest light that ever shined. Thank you for choosing me. " (Twitter)

                                       Hugh Jackman
"Happy Mother's Day to my Mum!!!! And to all yours too" (Instagram)

                                          Jenny McCarthy
"Happy Mothers Day 2 the best mom ever. And to all mommies everywhere. May your day be filled with nothing to do!" (Twitter)

                                      Jessica Chastain
"#HappyMothersDay to my shining star. Love you! #mom #love #happiness #grace" (Twitter)

                                       Jordin Sparks
"'I love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my Mommy you'll be.'" Happy Mother's Day @jodijax! I love you so much! <3 <3" (Instagram)

                                     Julianne Hough
"Happy Mothers Day to my mom! My biggest cheerleader, the woman that taught me how to nurture and love others! To always see the good in others... She taught me to be kind and giving! Isn't the phrase when you get older, 'oh no I'm turning in to my parents'... Well I love that I'm becoming more like my mother! :) I love you momma xo" (Instagram)

                                      Justin Timberlake
"Throwback to December at the Grizz game with my Mom and her Mom!! #HappyMothersDay to ALL of the Mommies out there!! You DA REAL MVPs EVERY DAY!!" (Instagram)

                                          Kaley Cuoco
"Happy Mother's Day @peteyleo - you rock in every single way- I <3 you !!" (Instagram)

                                        Kate Gosselin
"Happy 11th Birthday to my amazing 6! And Happy love&memory filled Mothers Day to ALL Moms! #SixBestGiftsEver" (Twitter)

                                           Kate Hudson
"She lights my life and is at the true center of my heart. Her love so profound I feel it continuously. A love that never drifts, and shimmers in my heart as bright as a diamond. Her compassion is limitless and her surrender to life's mysteries inspirational. She continuously searches for more understanding of life and love. Always looking to be the best person, mother, grandmother, wife and friend she can be. She believes in the strength of the human spirit and that all have enormous capacity to love even in the most challenging circumstances. Her resilience is admirable, her life story a phenomenal one and the journey has been no fairytale. It is real and tangible and created by her strength and perseverance. It has been made by a self made woman and all along the way she has fought for all women alike. So many of her dreams realized but those dreams never stop. And she puts her back into everything she does. Her career, her partnership, her spirituality, her children and her love and devotion for all children to find peace and love within themselves. This woman runs with the wolves, plays with the band, searches with the wanderers, dances with the sun, rolls with the waves, and still amongst the storms. When I close my eyes and visualize my mother, I see pure beauty. Internal beauty emanating from her soul shining through those sparkling blue eyes and I thank God for such an inspiration that I call Mom. Happy Mother Day xx" (Instagram)

                                       Kate Upton
"Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom! Thanks for always being there for me in the hard times and the FUN times!" (Instagram)

                                          Kate Walsh
"All right here's what I got #mothersday #stepmom,yo" (Instagram)

                                          Kelly Clarkson
"My husband had this little nugget scribble on a Mother's Day card for me today. I cried. Best gifts I've been given are all 3 of my kiddos #River #Savannah #Seth Being a mother is the greatest thing I'll ever do. My career inspires me but my family gives me this constant state of euphoria that is all consuming and ever growing and sometimes hard but completely worth it. Happy Mother's Day to every single mama on the planet! You're beautiful! You're inspiring! And you create the future!! What the hell, that's so amazing?!" (Instagram)

                                 Kourtney Kardashian
"Mother's Day tea in paradise. Wishing a very happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies!" (Instagram)

                                         Lea Michele
"So happy to be in NYC on this gorgeous Mother's Day with my beautiful mommy! I love you so much mom!" (Twitter)

                                     Lenny Kravitz
"Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world! I love you so much mom!! Mother'sDay" (Instagram)

                                          Lucy Hale
"Happy Mother's Day !! Celebrating how proud I am to be #JustLikeMyMother with @AvonInsider & @markgirl <3" (Twitter)

                                    Mandy Moore
"Happy Mother's Day to all moms, including my mama, Stacy. Who would we be without you? Xo" (Instagram)

                                         Maria Menounos
"Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world! I love you so much mom!! Mother'sDay" (Instagram)

                                     Melissa Joan Hart
"My boys are spoiling me with love today. Hope all the mothers out there are keeping their feet up, feeling spoiled and enjoying their day too! And we are all praying for those who have lost their mothers and babies today most of all!!! #mycuprunnethover" (Instagram)

                                        Michelle Obama
"Every day I am thankful for your love and support, Mom. Wishing all the amazing moms out there a #HappyMothersDay –mo" (Twitter)

                                     Miranda Kerr
"Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world! I love you so much mom!! Mother'sDay" (Instagram)

                                            Nicky Hilton
"Happy Mother's Day to the kindest, funniest, smartest, prettiest, most protective and loyal mom. We <3 you @KathyHilton" (Instagram)

"Happy Mother's Day to all but in my book every day is Mother's Day Feliz día de las madres! #MothersDay #PitBerry305" (Twitter)

                                     Rebecca Romijn
"Happy Mama Day!" (Instagram)

                                    Reese Witherspoon
"happy Mother's Day to my fun-loving, hysterical, down home mother, Betty. I am so lucky to have you as my mom!!" (Twitter)

"Happy Motherz Day to the best, the sweetest, the illest, the "kill Ya wit a smile".... MAMA FENTZ!!!! Love you downe gurl!!! Mom, Thank you." (Instagram)

                                        Ron Howard
"#HappyMothersDay from #Tuscany (although I did have to work today...we ain't complaining)" (Twitter)

                                    Sarah Silverman
"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my Momma, Beth Ann O'Hara" (Twitter)

                                          Shania Twain
"Happy #MothersDay!" (Twitter)

"My husband knows how to make me smile this Mother's Day <3 thank you babe @jlavalle5" (Instagram)

                                          Tom Arnold
"Been Mom since Midnight when boy woke up with new molars. This is a special kind of hell. Happy Mothers Day" (Twitter)

                                            Zac Efron
"Happy Mother's Day mom, love you with all my heart" (Twitter)

                                           Zach Braff
"Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all Moms. #spidermanunderoos" (Twitter)

                                      Ariana Grande
"happy mothers day mama! to the funniest, hardest working, most generous, beautiful, baddest bishhh in the world. thank you for inspiring me endlessly and for being such a wonderful example. you show me how to be kind but not weak, how to be a boss but still a lady, to be sweet but tough as nails, to give and love as generously as possible but to stay protected. thank you for always putting your family first (although i wish you'd put you first more often!!!), for teaching me to work hard and to stay grounded, for teaching me the thriller choreo when i was 4 years old and for showing me the most selfless, genuine love in the world. i don't think enough people know how fly you are. did y'all know that my mom runs 3 companies that design and manufacture marine communication equipment? the first, (and probably the only) woman in her industry to ever do that. she's pretty fkkking rad if you ask me. i love you with all my heart and i am so incredibly proud to be your daughter. ari."

"Sending love to Mothers around the world." (Instagram)

                                        Britney Spears
"Feeling so special and proud to be a mom to these handsome boys. Love them! #HappyMothersDay" (Twitter)

                                       Christina Milian
"2 of the most beautiful gifts from the 2 loves in my life #HappyMothersDay I love you guys." (Twitter)

                                        Denise Richards
"Happy Mother's Day Mom! Not a day goes by that I don't think of u...thank u for watching over us. We love you!" (Instagram)

                                          Gayle King
"Mother's Day SURPRISE! Fav son takes red eye from la! Fav daughter picks him up ..doorbell rings and there they are !!!" (Instagram)

                                          Gigi Hadid
"Happy Mother's Day to my best friend @yolandahfoster You continue to inspire and teach me every day and I feel so blessed to call you my mamma! I love and appreciate you endlessly!!" (Instagram)

                                       Jack Osbourne
"Happy Mother's Day to my mummy's @mrslisao and @sharonosbourne I'm lucky to have you both." (Instagram)

                                     Jill Duggar Dillard
"Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the other mamas out there! I am blessed beyond measure to have such a Godly, selfless, caring mother!" (Instagram)

                                        Kathy Griffin
"Happy #MothersDay! W @TipItMaggieG. We're like the Judds. U can't tell who's the mother who's the daughter" (Twitter)

                                     Kelly Rowland
"#thesweetestmoment HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL" (Instagram)

                                   Malin Akerman
"#happymothersday to the sexiest, most fun, craziest and loving mom ever! I love you!! Xxx" (Facebook)

                                           Mariah Carey
"Happy Mother's day, mom!! And to all fellow mommies out there <3 <3 <3 (Twitter)

                                          Naya Rivera
"Not sure why this is so blurry but here's my #MothersDay selfie" (Instagram)

                                         Nicki Minaj
"When I was little I couldn't believe God gave me a mother & a best friend all in one person. One little tiny person 5 feet with huge boobs. I just wanna make my mother happy. Happy Mother's Day Mommy. Love u. Thank u. For everything you did. Everything you said. The times I can't hear or see you but I know you're watching. The times u told me not to give up. Hope I make u proud mama. Love you forever. - Onika HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO MOMS ALL AROUND THE WORLD. GOD BLESS." (Instagram)

                                         Phillip Phillips
"Happy Mother's Day to this awesome person right here. I love her to death. Thx for everything you've done for me mom " (Twitter) 

                                                Tyra Banks
"Me and Mama when I was 18. Paris. Backstage at a fashion show. 3 years later, when the fashion industry told me I was too fat, my Mama said, 'Ty, let's discuss that. Over some PIZZA!!!' Mama, you're my first and forever love. Happy Mama's Day to you! -Ty" (Instagram) 

"What a timeless beauty! @jpatjames Happy Mother's Day Mom....I love this picture. #treasure #classic #blackbeauty #thegoose #beautiful" (Instagram)

                                           Uzo Aduba
"Happy #MothersDay! Special shout to my mommy, my greatest support, my "#1 fan," whom I love with all my everything! x " (Twitter)

"The day of the strongest woman in the world...mommys" (Instagram)

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