Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jessica Alba Exposes Her Perfect Bikini Body For "Shape" (INTERVIEW)

Jessica Alba showed off her flawless bikini body in this photo shoot for Shape magazine's June 2015 issue. 

In an interview with the mag, Alba, 34, shared about the secret to her impressively toned figure: "I attribute my athletic body to the martial arts, gymnastics, dance, and strength training I did while filming Dark Angel. That's made me strong and really set the bar."

Jessica opened up about how having daughters has improved her body confidence.

"I wasn't truly confident about my body until I had my daughters, Honor, 7, and Haven, 3. I felt more comfortable in my own skin after they were born. Plus, if I want them to be happy with their bodies, I need to walk the walk," Alba explained.

The actress also revealed her must-have snack.

"I'm addicted to popcorn. I eat it throughout the day. I'm a scatterbrain with lots of things to do at once, and eating popcorn helps me concentrate. It's my way of dealing with my mind wandering off," Alba claimed.

For the full interview of Jessica Alba, check out Shape.com.

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