Friday, May 29, 2015

Rashida Jones On "Hot Girls Wanted" And Porn: "It's Almost Part Of Our Mainstream" (VIDEO)

Rashida Jones recently appeared on "The Today Show" to open up about her new documentary "Hot Girls Wanted", which centers around the lives of young women featured in professional amateur porn films.

"I think porn is now prevalent," Jones, 39, said.

"I mean, it's almost part of our mainstream. It just felt like it was time to maybe investigate a little into the industry. It's a totally unregulated industry," Rashida went on.

"This particular part of the industry, amateur porn - which is not really amateur porn, it's just made to seem like amateurs are involved - they attract 18-year-old girls to come work with the promise of glamour and success and fame, to be big stars," Jones explained, adding: "And, you know, the reality's a little different from that."

Check out the video below…

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