Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rashida Jones Slams Cannes Film Festival's High Heel Rule

Rashida Jones has slammed the Cannes Film Festival for their rule that women must wear high heels. 

Jones, 39, stopped by the "Nightly Show" on Comedy Central on Tuesday evening and opened up about the controversy.

"It's part of a larger problem, which is heels are the worst. They make your legs look better, whatever, but mainly it's men designing them and setting these rules…If they make a rule where that I have to wear heels on the carpet, then I'm making a rule that I'm just going to wear flats any time I'm asked to wear heels," Rashida was quoted as saying, adding: "I think it's a snobbery thing. I think it's like "this is the way we do things here," you know, and it's sexist."

Emily Blunt also expressed her concern at the rule.

Check out the video below…

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