Monday, May 25, 2015

SNL's Sasheer Zamata Talks About Meeting Rihanna

Rihanna recently encountered "SNL" newbie Sasheer Zamata, who has portrayed her on the iconic TV sketch comedy show. 

"We had had a good night after the dress rehearsal, and (Rihanna) turned around and saw me and she was like "Hey!" and she gave me a hug," Zamata, 29, revealed.

Sasheer went on: "Then she got drunker progressively throughout the show, and at the end of good nights for the actual show, I went up to give her a hug because I was like "We're good, we're besties now," adding: "And I was like "Hey!" and she was like (mimes bored wave). So I was like "Ohhh, wow your true feelings are coming out!""

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