Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tom Cruise Gave Away His Sunglasses To Former Co-Star Charlotte Riley

Tom Cruise's former "Edge of Tomorrow" co-star Charlotte Riley recently revealed how generous Cruise is. 

In an interview with the Telegraph, Riley shared about her first meeting with Tom: "He comes in and he's all: "Hi guys, really great to meet you. We're going to take really good care of you. You're going to get great physio, great nutrition. Anything that I have, you guys are going to get also." I said - and obviously I was joking - "Great. Do we get your sunglasses as well?" He said: "They're yours". Took them off and gave them to me. I said: "Don't be silly, I was only kidding." But he said: "I told you, what's mine is yours.""

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