Saturday, June 6, 2015

Taryn Manning Talks "Orange Is The New Black" Third Season

Taryn Manning poses seductively and exposes her toned tummy for the cover of Bello magazine's June 2015 issue.

In an interview with the mag, Manning, 36, revealed about her hit series "Orange is the New Black": "I definitely am so grateful to be a part of a show like Orange, which has die-hard fans everywhere I turn. However, for shows to succeed, it requires the talent and passion from every department. That means makeup, costume, lighting, editing, and even catering, plus everything in between. Energy is contagious and I feel like the viewers catch the energy we feel on set, and that's what sets us apart. I am very thrilled for the success and grateful for all the hardworking, talented people involved in our production."

Taryn talked about playing kidnapping victim and survivor Michelle Knight in Lifetime's Cleveland Abduction.

"Not only did I research Michelle, I really began to study the psychology behind both a victim and perpetrator of abuse. I wanted to be able to take this amazing story of survival and portray it in a way that general society could comprehend. No one can ever properly relive such hardship on a source used for entertainment. However, once becoming Michelle's friend, it became my moral duty to have the audience realize that this isn't a story about a victim, (but) rather a story of a true survivor. In my opinion, I think Michelle wants people to know that no matter the situation, big or small, we all can survive by having faith," the actress explained.

Manning also shared the last words for "Orange is the New Black" fans: "Just buckle up and get ready for the ride. You don't know where a rollercoaster takes you until it drops!"

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