Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gwyneth Paltrow And Beyonce Fall Out Over Madonna

Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce Knowles have reportedly been fighting over Madonna

According to several reports, Beyonce, 33, is currently in Gwyneth's bad books as she has become really close to her former best friend Madonna, 56, after making an appearance in the music video for her latest single "Bitch I'm Madonna".

An insider revealed: "Beyonce and Gwyneth are not friends at the moment. Beyonce's staff have been openly discussing it".

"Gwyneth hasn't been happy with how close Beyonce and Madonna have become. It was especially annoying to her that Beyonce appeared in Madonna's last video," the source went on, adding: "It's a case of "the friend of my enemy is not my friend"."

Paltrow's spokesperson, however, has dismissed the allegations when asked by Mirror Celebs.

Beyonce and Gwyneth, whose ex-husband Chris Martin, 38, is good pals with Beyonce's husband Jay Z, have been very close in the past but are said to have had a bitter feud, with the actress referring to the former "Destiny's Child" member as a "toxic friend".

The source confessed to The Sun newspaper: "Beyonce has definitely switched allegiances."

It has to be mentioned that Paltrow recently admitted that she reached out to Beyonce after watching the infamous clip of her sister Solange hitting Jay Z in an elevator.

Gwyneth claimed: "I never say: "What's going on?" If any of my friends have anything like that, I call right away. Absolutely...If someone's clearly going through something, I always go straight for it."

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