Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Jaime King For Sapling Child" Is Officially In Stores

Jaime King has debuted her brand new fashion line called "Sapling Child" for babies and children on Sunday. 

The line, which is currently available in stores, launches first in Australia and is set to be available in the United States kicking off on September 2.

"From the sprawling skies of Nebraska where I grew up, to the seascape of California where I now live comes the inspiration for this collection - childhood wonder," King, 36, said in a statement, noting: "Inspired by the Japanese art of storytelling through printmaking, I wanted to tell a story reflecting my childhood dreams while gazing at the endless skies of Nebraska, and of my son, James Knight's childhood basking in the Californian sun and looking upon the same stars that I adored as a child".

"It is a story of dreams that were created where land, sky and spirit meet. The collection is inspired by what I hold dear, but it is a universal tale about all dreams. I hope that you and your child can enjoy our story together," Jaime added.

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