Thursday, August 20, 2015

Matt Damon Gives Update On Ben Affleck After His Divorce From Jennifer Garner

Matt Damon has shared an update on his BFF Ben Affleck after his recent divorce from Jennifer Garner

When asked by ET how Affleck, 43, is doing, Damon, 44, replied: "He's good," noting that he "wouldn't give anybody any advice" concerning an affair.

"I think marriage is insane," Matt revealed, adding: "It's a crazy idea but I love being married to my wife. So I wouldn't tell anybody else about their relationship. But I'm lucky I found my wife. And I guess maybe, if there's any secret…it's to feel lucky. So much of it is out of your hands. I mean, I just had that conversation with my father this weekend. He says the same thing to me. Says it's God's grace, is what he said. Because you just don't get lucky."

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