Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rita Ora Rips Mirror Journalist Polly Hudson For "X Factor" Diss

Rita Ora recently attacked Mirror reporter Polly Hudson over an op-ed column that blasted "The X Factor UK" for naming her a new judge. 

Ora, 24, is set to join Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Nick Grimshaw for the ITV show' 12th season. 

Rita and Grimshaw are replacing Louis Walsh and Mel B.

Ora first made appearances on the music talent show as a guest judge and was also a coach on "The Voice UK."

Hudson believes that Ora does not belong on the music competition. She claimed Rita's casting is "completely baffling madness," noting: "She's even less musically revered than Cheryl (which takes some doing), dull, desperate and literally "The Voice's sloppy seconds."

"It's not even like we might ­understand this decision once we see Rita in action, because we've already seen her - as a guest judge on "The X Factor" three years ago," Hudson went on, adding: "And, of course, as many as eight people may have watched her on "The Voice," although probably not all at once."

Hudson even ridiculed Ora as she gave her preferred judging selections, which featured her 10-month-old baby. "He has an ear infection. Still a much better ­prospect than Rita Ora," she posted.

When Ora caught wind of the article, she took to social media to slam Hudson.

"Suck my D*$k Polly Hudson I guess the mirror is the only newspaper that prints your sh*tty pointless stories," Ora tweeted, adding: "But never guess what see you every Saturday night. I know you'll be watching. I'll blow you a kiss. Thanks for making it 9."

Ora concluded: "Journalists please bring positivity back into the world don't just try & get readers (if U have any) & waste their brain space with rubbish!" She later removed the "d*ck" tweet, saying she didn't want to give Hudson "promotion."

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