Friday, October 30, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres' 2015 Halloween Costume: Karla Kardashian (FUNNY VIDEO)

Ellen DeGeneres has officially unveiled her 2015 Halloween outfit, the lesser popular Kardashian sister named Karla. 

"I bet you're wondering who I am," DeGeneres, 57, said to begin her episode airing on Friday, noting: "And obviously if you are wondering who I am you didn't see the latest ad for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"."

"That's right, I'm the lesser known Kardashian sister, my name is Karla Kardashian with a K. Because we're known for our double K's. These are double K's too by the way," the host went on while motioning at her fake bust.

"Since I'm the younger sister, I get all the hand-me-downs. So these are Kim's Shape-Ups that I'm wearing. This is Khloe's old blouse. And the booty is all mine," Ellen added.

Check out the funny video below... 

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