Sunday, October 11, 2015

Prince Serenades Madonna At Paisley Park Party

Some fans had the chance to watch Madonna and Prince in the same room on Friday, as he sang for the Queen of Pop at Paisley Park. 

According to Minnesota Public Radio, approximately 30 Prince fans were gathered to Paisley Park late Thursday for something "extra special."

The fans were dancing to a mix of Prince and 1980s pop tunes when Madonna, 57, appeared, hours after performing in St. Paul as part of her "Rebel Heart Tour".

Madonna's dancers and tour crew attended the dance party and Madonna left, emerging later joined by Prince.

Prince, 57, hit the stage and performed a funky set, as Madonna sat on the edge of the stage at his feet. 

According to Minnesota Public Radio, Madonna looked up at the musician lovingly as he serenaded her.

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