Saturday, November 7, 2015

Justin Bieber Mocks Stories About Him Flipping A Chair

It is no news that Justin Bieber is constantly involved in outrageous stories about him. 

It seems that Bieber, 21, has a great sense of humor judging by the way he handled the latest one involving a flipped chair.

The pop icon was caught on camera at a restaurant in Cannes, France on Saturday and he supposedly stood up, flipped his chair and walked out.

"My buddy had just told me some bad personal news. Just took pics with a buncha beliebers. I must of been mad at them. lol," Justin wrote on his twitter account to explain the clip.

"Like I said. This album says it all. Don't listen to what the media has to say. U want to know me. How I feel. What I'm about. It is all right here. Letting the music do the talking," Bieber noted.

After his fans began tweeting out videos and GIFs of people flipping chairs, Justin retweeted a bunch of them.

"I love u guys. This is funny as hell," Bieber added. 

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