Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lady Gaga Teams Up With Diane Warren On "Til It Happens To You" (INTERVIEW)

Lady Gaga was joined by legendary songwriter Diane Warren on the red carpet at the TimesTalks event for "The Hunting Ground" on Thursday at the Times Center in NYC. 

Gaga, 29, wrote the track "Til It Happens to You" with Warren, 59, for the film, which is a documentary about alleged incidents of rape on college campuses in the USA.

The pop star spoke out about her reaction to listening to the song.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Gaga shared: "Diane will tell you, it was really hard for me when (the song) came out. I was really stressed out about it. Every time I listen to it, I cry," adding: "Every time I get a text about it, I always feel sick. It's like this thing you don't want to face. But because she wanted to face it with me, it reminded me of what the song is for."

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